The next Public Hearing is on Wednesday, Nov. 9th!

Hello neighbors!

We would like to remind everyone that there will be a number of public hearings on Wednesday, Nov. 9th 2011 at the Town Hall, 20 Roy Smith Dr., Westtown, NY 10998. Below are the details for the hearings.

  • 7:00pm – Public Hearing for Purpose of Adoption of Noise Ordinance
  • 7:15pm – Public Hearing for Purpose of Adoption of 2012 Budget
  • 7:30pm – November Monthly Meeting



Millennium Pipeline a Natural Gas Company has plans to build a 12,260hp Gas Compression Station in the middle of a residential area in Westtown.  This is the same company found to have many leaks and faulty welds in their existing pipes.

How does this affect you?

  • Dangerous carcinogens flowing in the air and water posing a health risk, especially to children.
  • Loud noise 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Pollutants and noise travelling up to 4 miles away
  • Property values in the area plummeting with a potential ripple effect
  • Transformation of our area into  gas hub causing other pipelines to bulldoze through our backyards, streams, and forests to connect to the station.
  • Transformation of our clean peaceful valley into an industrialized area

What Can You Do?

Protest at Town Hall Wednesday September 28  2:30pm

Our Legislators’ representatives will be coming to a meeting to discuss the issue.  Show them that we don’t want this here . 20 Roy Smith Road Westtown

Attend Minisink Planning Board Meeting Town Hall  7:00pm.  Let our town representatives know that they cannot approve Millenniums plans

Sign the online petition at search Minisink.

Follow us on our Facebook Page:   Stop The Minisink Compressor Station

Status & Next Steps

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Our struggle to Stop the Millennium Compression Station is about to kick into high gear. We will continue to challenge Millennium through the FERC process. We will continue to challenge our political representatives to live up to their mandate to protect their constituents. We will avail all legal options. And if the judicial and regulatory processes fail us we will take our case directly to the American People.

However, the battle with Millennium is probably the first of many more to come. Gas companies clearly have plans to expand their presence throughout the entire Hudson Valley. In anticipation of this, we have decided to transform our name to include all those communities that will be adversely impacted by their reckless agenda for the region.

After brainstorming with dozens of members we came up with the name Minisink Valley for Environmental Preservation. Our goal is to protect and preserve our environment especially from dangerous mineral exploration, and to help neighboring towns do the same.  Thus we will soon be moving our website to a new address.

The new website will facilitate better communication and organization. All notices for upcoming meetings, news information, and weekly update reports will be posted on the new site.  We will continue to post here until this new website is ready, and will notify all of the final move once it occurs.

In closing, please remember to help us gather signatures for the petition and spread the word of our cause.  We need as much outreach for our efforts as possible, and it is only through our collective voice that we can be heard.

Thank You
Coalition to Stop The Minisink Compression Station