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Due to the winter storm the rally has been rescheduled for Saturday February 16th at 12:30pm!!

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Rally in Minisink, NY Postponed to Saturday, Feb.16th Due to Winter Storm Nemo Will Feature New Line-up of Speakers

Minisink, New York, Feb.12, 2013 – The rally originally scheduled for Feb.9th has been rescheduled for Saturday, Feb.16th, as winter storm conditions prevented safe travel for our guests. Mark Ruffalo will unfortunately not be able to attend this weekend’s rally. However, several notable guests are expected to attend and speak at the event, including prominent 9-11 First Responder advocate, John Feal.

Construction of the project is rapidly underway, and the community has petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for a stay of construction, pending a full hearing of their case currently before the court. The case challenges approval of the project by the

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission- a process that claimed 18 months and yielded controversial results. Minisink residents are demanding their right to due process.

The rally will begin at 12:30 p.m., and will be held directly across from the construction site at 107 Jacobs Road in Westtown, New York. More details on the event and key speakers will follow in the next few days.

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For more information visit Press Coordinators: Asha Canalos 917. 582. 8409 / Carolyn Petschler 845. 313. 9801 / Facebook & Twitter: “Stop the Minisink Compressor Station.

Low Frequency Noise and the Hazards of Living Near a Compressor Station!

Dear Ms. Fisher,

You are correct in having concerns about the Natural Gas Compressor Station. I raise registered Limousin Cattle. Yes, I have had a major problem with fertility of my prize bull being sterile. After 15 years of raising cattle here, this is the first bull to be sterile. He was raised on the same side of the hill as the compressor station. My other bulls were raised on the opposite side of the hill further away from the Low Frequency Noise (LFN). This bull was genetically tested and found to be homozygous polled and homozygous black, which means he would always throw a black and polled calf. After he reached breeding age, I had him tested for fertility. The vet said inconclusive as to fertility. Twice more, I had him tested by another vet, who said he was not able to breed.
All my other bulls were very fertile. The sire of the bulls had sold for $520,000. I got the sire’s semen before he became popular. I was extremely disappointed to have this prize bull be sterile.

I am more concerned about the LFN effect on humans. Especially when my grand children come to stay with us. I have suffered brain damage, heart damage, ruptured ear drum twice and now have a permanent hole in my ear drum and suffer from restless leg syndrome. I have lived in my home 21 years in near perfiect health before the compressor station came. It is 0.9 miles from our home. Our neighbors are suffering also including ruptured ear drums, vertigo, restless leg syndrome, incontinence in younger women. Men can become sterile also and suffer sexual dysfunction. All of these are symptoms of Vibro-Acoustic Disease (VAD) caused by LFN from compressor stations.

We have had several people die recently from brain aneurisms and heart attacks. All of them had LFN at their homes. To have a compressor station within 20 feet of a home is absolutely absurd. It will be uninhabitable. One home here within 500 feet of the compressor station near me and on the opposite side has sold four times and now is owned again by the compressor station owner. It is uninhabitable!

LFN is noise between 25 and 500 cycles per second (cps) frequency and is below the normal human hearing range of 500 to 20,000 cps frequency. However, it affects 70 percent of people in its five to eight mile path in every direction. The LFN must be eliminated at the source as is done in Colorado. Noise testing must be done at the property line of the compressor station. Any noise within the human hearing range must not be greater than 55 dBC at their fence line according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The “C” scale is the environmental scale for noise and is weighted to include all sounds in the environment.

We now have 130 compressor stations in our county and more are being built. Texas, like Idaho, does not have a state noise law to protect us. See my generic petition attached for facts. Only six states have a state noise law: New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorago. The rest of us are just unprotected. I tried to get a state noise law passed for Texas to no avail. Oil and Gas lobbied and spent a lot of money to prevent passage. Thirty eight noise bills had been introduced, but none got out of committee during the 2009 legislative session. I ran for State Representative in my district during the last election, obtaining 30 percent of the vote. I may run again in 2012.

This is a very serious issue for families and agriculture. Fight this installation for all you’re worth. Otherwise, your life will never be the same. I have been tortured for three and one half years. I have taken every action possible to no avail.

Folks from Connecticutt to Colorado have requested help from me. I have worked with the cities of Ft. Worth and Dallas on their city ordinances for natural gas development. You might look up the movie GASLAND and obtain a copy on DVD. Go to I am in the movie for a brief time about the noise. I do not get any compensation from it. The main thrust of the movie is the effect of fracking of gas wells on ground water and water wells. It is worth the effort to see it. The movie was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year. It has drawn national attention to a very serious problem.


Charles E. Morgan, P.E., Inactive
Executive Director,
Citizens for Environmental Clean-Up (CEC)
P.O. Box 1534
Fairfield, Texas 75840

Motion for Stay Has Been Filed

On Wednesday, Jan. 16th, our attorney in Washington, D.C., Carolyn Elefant, filed a Motion for Stay with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The filing in Court argues that construction by Millennium Pipeline of the Minisink Compressor Station should be stopped. Noting that Millennium is working at a frantic pace, construction may be completed prior to the Court ruling on our Stay of construction. Therefore, if construction is completed then the Stay request also seeks to stop Millennium from turning on service (making the new station operational).

The Stay argues that if the Court does not grant Minisink residents a stop of construction or stop of service then, even if we win, Minisink residents may only have a “hollow” win. In order to show fairness to all sides, the Stay request makes a case for judicial fairness. If the Court denies our Stay request then how can we believe we will receive a fair hearing in this case. Minisink residents have a strong case for a Stay, backed up by case law seeking the same Stay of service from the same Court. Thus, we hope the Court will grant a Stay of construction or a Stay of service.

FERC has until Jan. 28th to respond to our Stay with the Court. Millennium is also expected to challenge our Stay request. Given that Millennium believes the station will be ready for operation by Feb. 27th, we are asking the Court to make a ruling on our Stay request by Feb. 20th or before.



We Need Your Help Getting to the Finish Line

Minisink residents are preparing for the legal battle ahead and need your support. Please donate and be part of a groundbreaking case.  All fundraising contributions will pay for legal costs and energy expert opinion.  The community expected to fight this battle within the court system and in order to do so will need to raise the necessary funds.  Please help join the fight against an unnecessary terrible threat to a peaceful community. This is our last stand!

Our attorney, Carolyn Elefant, has done a phenomenal job thus far and has spent countless hours on the Minisink case.  We are being carefully watched by the industry, press, politicians, and other communities facing similar challenges.  Focus on our community has been especially strong due to unprecedented support from FERC Chairman Wellinghoff and Commissioner LaFleur, who agree with the Minisink community and the Wagoner Alternative.  The Minisink compressor station project has evidence of dire safety concerns from industry experts, and it will cause unnecessary environmental degradation and economic devastation on the community’s families.  Our case has a cleared industrial zoned alternative location that is far from residences and already held a compressor station. With all the obvious reasons this project should not be permitted, if Minisink doesn’t have a chance, NO community will!  Please donate and stand with us!

 Please click on the button below to donate via Paypal.

If you have any questions about donating or want to learn how you can help, please contact 

Thank you so much for your support at this critical time in the fight against the Minisink compressor station. 

Finally! Now We Can Go to Court!

Finally Minisink will challenge their case in second highest court in the land, the U.S. Court of Appeals.  After a long wait for a final response from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) a decision has been made.  FERC denied the rehearing request, now allowing the Minisink residents to take their case to court.  The community expected this outcome and is eager to move forward.  The two commissioners, Chairman Wellinghoff and Commissioner LaFleur, who gave dissenting  votes on the original order and agreed with the Minisink community,  stood their ground and dissented for a second time, “We dissent from today’s rehearing order. ”   In their joint statement they firmly stand against the project, “…we continue to believe that, even after mitigation, the Minisink project will have significant adverse environmental consequences.  Further, we believe that the Wagoner Alternative would create significantly fewer and less enduring environmental impacts and is therefore an environmentally preferable alternative.”

To read the full FERC rehearing denial please click on the “press room” tab and look under the legal documents section.

Prominent Pipeline Engineer Questions Safety of Millennium’s Minisink Compressor Station

Pipeline engineer, Richard Kuprewicz, President of Accufacts Inc., submitted a technical report last week which analyzed Millennium Pipeline’s planned natural gas infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed Minisink Compressor Station. He found that many of the community’s concerns validated, “The velocities on the 24-inch Neversink segment clearly exceed prudent design standards and safety margins establishing much lower actual gas velocities on pipelines that are intended to avoid gas transmission pipeline rupture.  Such high actual gas velocities for a natural gas transmission pipeline raise serious questions as to the adequacy or completeness of any previous hydraulic studies or decisions that may have been used to justify approval of the Minisink Compressor Project.  The Minisink Compressor Project is a very poor proposal and should be rejected.”

Our attorney, Carolyn Elefant, submitted a motion to reopen the docket, as well as a renewed stay of construction on November 30th.  The engineer report supports what FERC Chairman Wellinghoff, Commissioner LaFleur and Minisink residents have been claiming for well over  a year.

Minsink residents are concerned about the possibility of a major pipeline disaster occurring similar to the deadly San Bruno, California explosion in 2010.  Much like the case in Minisink, there were clear warnings in San Bruno beforehand of the unacceptable risks within the pipeline system.

Thank You PANCO Petroleum Company!

Residents of Minisink submitted complaints and canceled contracts with PANCO Petroleum Company after witnessing several of the company’s fuel trucks supplying construction equipment at the compressor station construction site. We are extremely proud and happy to learn that PANCO has since stopped suppling Millennium Pipeline! We appreciate PANCO’s decision to do the right thing and stand with the community.  Several residents have already expressed their intention to re-open their contracts for their next fuel delivery or become first time customers.

“You may be happy to hear that as a result of your ( and other ) communication, PANCO has ceased fueling the Millennium Pipeline Job as of November 10, 2012.
Good Luck to you in your efforts.

John Panebianco
Vice President”

Compressor Station Construction Noise Nightmare!

Construction activity is not limited to the weekdays.  On Saturdays and today, a federal holiday, construction crews are banging away at the compressor station site creating a public nuisance.  Crews have started equipment on the site beginning at 6:30am, followed by loud hammering at 7:30am.  For 10 hours a day the continuous construction noise has created a nightmare for the residents in the neighborhood.