The Minisink Alternative = Common Sense

It is pretty easy to see why Minisink residents have been fighting for about 19 months to stop the construction of the Minisink Compressor Station.  The  image below was posted in the past,  easily proves our point, and we believe needs to be seen again as a reminder. Why construct a compressor station in the middle of a residential/agriculturally zoned area, that is surrounded by families, when the gas company already owns an 18 acre industrial site 10 miles away, with no residents for almost a mile, and the site held a compressor station in the past? Millennium Pipeline claims to the press that the alternative site would cause more environmental damage. We know this is a flat out lie, but you don’t need to take our word for it. FERC Chairman Wellinghoff and Commissioner LaFleur disagree with Millennium and have stated in their comments on the docket. ”

“…the Wagoner Alternative demonstrates a significant environmental advantage over the proposed project” – Commissioner LaFleur

…”the Neversink Segment result in the need for decreased compression, and the corresponding decreased emissions and fuel requirements” – FERC Chairman Wellinghoff

Please see the “Ordering Issuing Certificate” under the press room tab for both Wellinghoff and LaFleur’s full comments.