Low Frequency Noise and the Hazards of Living Near a Compressor Station!

Dear Ms. Fisher,

You are correct in having concerns about the Natural Gas Compressor Station. I raise registered Limousin Cattle. Yes, I have had a major problem with fertility of my prize bull being sterile. After 15 years of raising cattle here, this is the first bull to be sterile. He was raised on the same side of the hill as the compressor station. My other bulls were raised on the opposite side of the hill further away from the Low Frequency Noise (LFN). This bull was genetically tested and found to be homozygous polled and homozygous black, which means he would always throw a black and polled calf. After he reached breeding age, I had him tested for fertility. The vet said inconclusive as to fertility. Twice more, I had him tested by another vet, who said he was not able to breed.
All my other bulls were very fertile. The sire of the bulls had sold for $520,000. I got the sire’s semen before he became popular. I was extremely disappointed to have this prize bull be sterile.

I am more concerned about the LFN effect on humans. Especially when my grand children come to stay with us. I have suffered brain damage, heart damage, ruptured ear drum twice and now have a permanent hole in my ear drum and suffer from restless leg syndrome. I have lived in my home 21 years in near perfiect health before the compressor station came. It is 0.9 miles from our home. Our neighbors are suffering also including ruptured ear drums, vertigo, restless leg syndrome, incontinence in younger women. Men can become sterile also and suffer sexual dysfunction. All of these are symptoms of Vibro-Acoustic Disease (VAD) caused by LFN from compressor stations.

We have had several people die recently from brain aneurisms and heart attacks. All of them had LFN at their homes. To have a compressor station within 20 feet of a home is absolutely absurd. It will be uninhabitable. One home here within 500 feet of the compressor station near me and on the opposite side has sold four times and now is owned again by the compressor station owner. It is uninhabitable!

LFN is noise between 25 and 500 cycles per second (cps) frequency and is below the normal human hearing range of 500 to 20,000 cps frequency. However, it affects 70 percent of people in its five to eight mile path in every direction. The LFN must be eliminated at the source as is done in Colorado. Noise testing must be done at the property line of the compressor station. Any noise within the human hearing range must not be greater than 55 dBC at their fence line according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The “C” scale is the environmental scale for noise and is weighted to include all sounds in the environment.

We now have 130 compressor stations in our county and more are being built. Texas, like Idaho, does not have a state noise law to protect us. See my generic petition attached for facts. Only six states have a state noise law: New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorago. The rest of us are just unprotected. I tried to get a state noise law passed for Texas to no avail. Oil and Gas lobbied and spent a lot of money to prevent passage. Thirty eight noise bills had been introduced, but none got out of committee during the 2009 legislative session. I ran for State Representative in my district during the last election, obtaining 30 percent of the vote. I may run again in 2012.

This is a very serious issue for families and agriculture. Fight this installation for all you’re worth. Otherwise, your life will never be the same. I have been tortured for three and one half years. I have taken every action possible to no avail.

Folks from Connecticutt to Colorado have requested help from me. I have worked with the cities of Ft. Worth and Dallas on their city ordinances for natural gas development. You might look up the movie GASLAND and obtain a copy on DVD. Go to www.gaslandthemovie.com I am in the movie for a brief time about the noise. I do not get any compensation from it. The main thrust of the movie is the effect of fracking of gas wells on ground water and water wells. It is worth the effort to see it. The movie was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year. It has drawn national attention to a very serious problem.


Charles E. Morgan, P.E., Inactive
Executive Director,
Citizens for Environmental Clean-Up (CEC)
P.O. Box 1534
Fairfield, Texas 75840