Prominent Pipeline Engineer Questions Safety of Millennium’s Minisink Compressor Station

Pipeline engineer, Richard Kuprewicz, President of Accufacts Inc., submitted a technical report last week which analyzed Millennium Pipeline’s planned natural gas infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed Minisink Compressor Station. He found that many of the community’s concerns validated, “The velocities on the 24-inch Neversink segment clearly exceed prudent design standards and safety margins establishing much lower actual gas velocities on pipelines that are intended to avoid gas transmission pipeline rupture.  Such high actual gas velocities for a natural gas transmission pipeline raise serious questions as to the adequacy or completeness of any previous hydraulic studies or decisions that may have been used to justify approval of the Minisink Compressor Project.  The Minisink Compressor Project is a very poor proposal and should be rejected.”

Our attorney, Carolyn Elefant, submitted a motion to reopen the docket, as well as a renewed stay of construction on November 30th.  The engineer report supports what FERC Chairman Wellinghoff, Commissioner LaFleur and Minisink residents have been claiming for well over  a year.

Minsink residents are concerned about the possibility of a major pipeline disaster occurring similar to the deadly San Bruno, California explosion in 2010.  Much like the case in Minisink, there were clear warnings in San Bruno beforehand of the unacceptable risks within the pipeline system.