Millennium Pipeline a Natural Gas Company has plans to build a 12,260hp Gas Compression Station in the middle of a residential area in Westtown.  This is the same company found to have many leaks and faulty welds in their existing pipes.

How does this affect you?

  • Dangerous carcinogens flowing in the air and water posing a health risk, especially to children.
  • Loud noise 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Pollutants and noise travelling up to 4 miles away
  • Property values in the area plummeting with a potential ripple effect
  • Transformation of our area into  gas hub causing other pipelines to bulldoze through our backyards, streams, and forests to connect to the station.
  • Transformation of our clean peaceful valley into an industrialized area

What Can You Do?

Protest at Town Hall Wednesday September 28  2:30pm

Our Legislators’ representatives will be coming to a meeting to discuss the issue.  Show them that we don’t want this here . 20 Roy Smith Road Westtown

Attend Minisink Planning Board Meeting Town Hall  7:00pm.  Let our town representatives know that they cannot approve Millenniums plans

Sign the online petition at search Minisink.

Follow us on our Facebook Page:   Stop The Minisink Compressor Station